Find Your Way

Embrace your authenticity. Become the authority of your own life.

Stephanie speaks to various organizations from corporate to non-profits encouraging people to “find their truth… with love & humor.” She is a proud ambassador of Give an Hour, a Mental Health national nonprofit organization.

Szostak got a late start on the acting scene (age 30) and had the willingness to disrupt her life, leaving her career in the corporate world behind to seek an authentic life. Transforming her own false starts, setbacks, rejection and loss, she brings forward relatable and impactful stories. Knowing she is where she is only thanks to the help of so many, Stephanie thrives to empower people on their journey of discovery, learning, and growth.

Focus & Topics

  • Being the Outsider
  • New Beginnings
  • Letting go of Perfect
  • Authenticity and Belonging
  • Winning and Losing
  • Daily Mental Fitness


  • Peak Performers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Young Professionals
  • Immigrants
  • Students
  • Anyone who has experienced rejection 🙂

Address your mindset.

As her roles got bigger so did the pressure, causing her performance to be negatively affected by self-doubt and fear. Looking to the actors she was inspired by for answers, she was surprised to learn they too suffered from negative inner dialogue no matter how talented, experienced or famous they were. This pushed her to address her mental game, discover tools and practices that enhanced confidence, helped navigate the ups and downs and find more joy when the red light turned on.

“Stephanie is an absolute star. We asked her to inspire our team as we kicked off the year and she far surpassed our expectations. She has the rare ability to be aspirational while also being 100% authentic and relatable. Her presentation was funny, self-deprecating, and highly entertaining but it was also poignant, confident and motivating. Her talk spoke to men, women, senior leaders, team members in their first job and everyone in between. We all left feeling like we could achieve our goals with a sense of joy, perspective and vigor and that we are in control of our future. What a great gift to have Stephanie as part of our LPGA team!”
Mollie Marcoux Samaan
LPGA Commissioner
“When I hired Stephanie to speak to my client, a Fortune 100 Financial Planning firm, for their annual Women’s Affinity Summit, I had very high expectations and she exceeded them all! She was AMAZING! Her heartfelt connection with the audience, her humor and her deeply meaningful knowledge created an unforgettable experience for the attendees of her event. I have heard many, many speakers in my career and Stephanie is, by far, one of the best! I feel lucky to have been in the room and will absolutely hire her again.”
Julia Sewell
Master Performance Consultant & Founder, {Her}ald Coaching and Consulting
"Stephanie’s refreshingly honest message resonated with every member of the audience at our Unplug & Rejuvenate 2023 event. She took the time to incorporate our specific event topic into her presentation which made the entire experience all the more engaging and enriching for the group. Stephanie has a beautiful way of delivering self-reflective and inspiring moments with humor and grace that lands with an audience in the best possible way. I would not hesitate to invite Stephanie to speak at our future events and highly recommend her as an effective speaker."
Heather R. Stone
Host Mentors and Moguls Podcast, Co-Founder Capstone Holdings
"Thank you for participating in our AWARE/Power of You Teens Career Day! You were SPECTACULAR and we are very grateful for your kindness and support! We are receiving amazing feedback from our PowerGirls and their Moms. Many of our PowerGirls dream of being an actor and were deeply inspired by your presentation. We would happily WELCOME the opportunity for you to return to one of our meetings and speak with our PowerGirls.”
Felicia Gibson Jaycox
Founder and Executive Director The Power of You Teens
“Hi Stephanie, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. I got a ton out of it, I thought it was very inspirational and your story has so many parallels to our business. The Associates on my team who were on the call really enjoyed it as well. Congrats on your success and all of the hard work that went into it.”
Michael P. Girasole
Senior Vice President, Sales Manager
“Stephanie was great! I took two pages of notes. Couldn’t even tell it was her first time presenting. Her topic was relatable to all, regardless of title/role and tenure. Her examples were spot on and properly correlated with industry scenarios. She was authentic and genuine; encouraging everyone to embrace their individuality as everyone has something they can bring to the table. Yet despite everyone’s uniqueness, it’s the differences that allow us to successfully work together. It was spot-on. I’d love to have her for Induction School.”
Lenox Advisors Team, NYC
"Her message brings both hope to our students but also can help people understand the challenges of “fitting in” to this culture which I believe many people don’t realize and are quick to judge people migrating to this country. Her approach is fun and whimsical and we all need a little of that in our lives. She has left a lasting impression.”
Lucy Freeman
Executive Director, The Caroline House
“The workshop you did were great for our students. They loved it.”
Helen Ramos
Program Manager, The Caroline House
“Stephanie is a delightful and charming speaker. She delivered her message with humor, humbleness, and humility. Her message really resonated as she drew very relevant parallels between her field and my own. Stephanie did her homework and delivered a talk that was relatable and left me charged up and inspired to take action. I highly recommend her for your next event.”
Jennifer Mann
VP Lenox Advisors

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    A late start to acting …

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