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LIFE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS 💬 Ask me anything … MEET STEPHANIE Stephanie acts, writes, speaks,
and is a Give an Hour ambassador
with love and humor.


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Stephanie left the corporate world at the age of 30 to begin her career in film and TV. She’s no stranger to rejection, it’s what led her on her journey to discover her truth. Take a look through Stephanie’s media collections.

Become the authority of your own life.

Stephanie stumbled upon the road less traveled, was met with challenge and rejection and found fulfillment by learning to embrace the unknown. Recognizing she is where she is only thanks to the help of so many, Stephanie is passionate about encouraging people to discover their truth and embrace their individuality.

Ask me anything …

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Self!sh | adj. | Taking time for oneself every day. Some might call that selfish.

We say own it.

This is your personal playbook for your mindset. Your tool kit to cope and grow. It’s unique to you. It gets you back to the best of You.

Yes, it’s a good thing to take care of yourself. You’ll bring more of what you cherish and value to the world and those around you.

“This book will help people, I am certain of that!”

—Dr. Jennifer Ashton, 

ABC News Chief Medical
Correspondent and co-host of GMA3