SELF!SH: Step Into a Journey of Self-Discovery to Revive Confidence, Joy, and Meaning

An interactive workbook to work on the Project of YOU.

SELF!SH guides you through eight self-reflection exercises that culminate with the creation of YOUR own personal playbook.

You will be empowered to cultivate a sense of worth tied to your intrinsic value, your character, and your principles. You will gain clarity on what is truly important to you, what motivates you, and what gets you emotionally charged to live the life you want.

Taking time for oneself every day, some might call that selfish. 
We say own it!

This is your personal Playbook for your mindset. Your tool kit to cope and grow. It’s unique to you. It gets you back to the best of You. Yes, it’s a good thing to take care of yourself. You’ll bring more of what you cherish and value to the world and those around you.

That’s Self!sh.

Why a Personal Playbook?

Ten years into my career I suffered from imposter syndrome and my inner dialogue was toxic. This impacted not only my performance, but also my relationships and well-being. 

As I learned tools and practices to better manage my thoughts and emotions, my challenge was: How do I make it stick? How can I remember the strategies that serve me well when I’m having a challenging day, month, or year? This is precisely the WHY behind the SELF!SH playbook.

Just like sports teams rely on playbooks to adjust, pivot, and better respond to what’s happening on the field, create your own Playbook, a dynamic tool that will evolve as you continue to learn, grow, and transform.

Mental Fitness

It’s like a gym or yoga studio for your mind. 

We all know the importance of physical fitness and how building muscle and endurance helps our physical fitness. SELF!SH brings strength and endurance to our mental fitness by first going through the exercises in the workbook and then by doing reps with our Playbook.

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Selfish: Step Into a Journey of Self-Discovery to Revive Confidence, Joy, and Meaning

50% of Szostak's proceeds donated to Give an Hour


“Self!ish is a very different approach to self-care, mindfulness, and wellbeing. It’s an intentional way for people to take greater control of their daily experience of life. I can’t wait to share this with my family and friends.”
Seth Serxner PhD, MPH
Strategic Advisor
“SELF!SH is an excellent contribution to the field of wellness. Paying attention to our mental health is good for us – actively working on our well being every day… even better!”
Barbara Van Dahlen, Ph.D.
Founder & Former CEO, Give an Hour; Co-Founder & CEO, WeBe Life Inc.
“By crafting your Self!sh Playbook, you will soon cultivate empowering strategies to infuse your life with forward momentum, grow confidence, shift focus to what truly matters, and harness the power of intention and attention.”
Melissa Bernstein
Co-Founder, Melissa & Doug toys, Co-Founder, Lifelines
“As a retired Olympic athlete and someone who now works in the field of mental performance, I love the idea of a playbook that keeps our guiding principles top of mind.”
Nicole Davis, Psy.D.
2x Olympic Medalist, TEDx Speaker and Mindset Coach at Finding Mastery
“This playbook provides the tools to form daily habits that help us thrive even during times of stress, allowing us to better connect with ourselves and others in our life.”
Kimberly Williams
President & CEO at Vibrant Emotional Health
“Self!sh is an invaluable guide on the journey to self-discovery and a testament to the transformative power that lies within each of us.”
AJ Vaden
CEO and Co-Founder Brand Builders Group
“A great way to love on yourself so that you can let your love shine out into the world.”
Miles Borrero
Author of Beautiful Monster, Yoga Teacher
“Working in recovery, I know how important daily reminders can be in one’s journey to healing and sobriety. The Self!sh Playbook provides a personal tool to re-calibrate what is important and encourages mental fitness which is often overlooked in today’s fast-paced world.”
Gary Mendell
founder & CEO, Shatterproof
"I was totally engaged by this thoughtful and creative workbook and will incorporate it into my work with clients.”
Dale V. Atkins, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Author, Media Commentator
“My Playbook has helped dramatically shift my mindset, grow my self-confidence, trickling down and around to every area of my life.”
Christina Moses
Actress, Writer, Director
“Self!sh is a practical, easy accessible, step-by-step workbook that addresses where we are, where we want to be, and how to get there. Enjoy the experience of learning more about yourself and becoming the person that you deserve to be.”
Antonio E. Puente
PhD 125th President, American Psychological Association and Board of Directors, Give an Hour
“I used many of these same techniques during my years of competition and I believe that along with all of the physical work, many of the tools and strategies taught in this wonderful book ultimately helped me to win Olympic Gold!”
Dan Jansen
1994 Olympic Gold Medalist, Speed Skating
"Szostak is on a mission to improve well-being using science-inspired tools. In this delightful playbook you’ll find exercises to discover your strengths, boost your resilience, and improve your mood—it’s a welcome tool to promote thriving.”
Ethan Kross
International Bestselling Author of Chatter
"The selfhelp section just got a makeover and it's courtesy of Stephanie Szostak! I started it excited to answer the questions, and ended it thinking in a different way. This book will help people, I am certain of that!”
Dr. Jennifer Ashton
ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent and co-host of GMA3
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